3 board wood rail fence

Wood Rail Fencing

If you are looking for an open and rustic feel for your fencing project, Snyder’s offers a variety of wood rail fencing options. We have split rail, slip board, nail on board and post and rail fencing. These economical styles of fencing require very little maintenance and add a nice decorative accent to your yard. These styles also work very well if you are trying to contain large animals such as horses, sheep or goats.  We can add optional welded wire to any of these styles if you wish to contain kids or animals or keep smaller animals from entering your yard. The welded wire does come in a few different colors, for example black, white or green and also helps in keeping unwanted debris such as trash and leaves from coming into your yard or business site. These style can be used in your residential or commercial setting.

For a full line of our wood products, please click on our Products page of our website and then the wood fencing link.  You will then be able to scroll down and open our wood brochure for all our wood fencing options.  It includes all types of wood fencing including our wood rail fencing.