Wood Picket fence

Wood Picket

At Snyder’s Custom Fencing we are proud to stick build our custom wood picket fences on site at your home or business.  This allows for more options to the homeowners or business owner when it comes to design and makes for not only a stronger fence but also a more aesthetically pleasing finished product. Stick building allows the installer to follow the terrain of your yard or parking lot so stepping of the fence is not required. We have a variety of options for picket tops, our standard top is dog ear but you may also choose from gothic, French gothic, flat top, cove or sharp point.  Our post tops can be flat top, dog ear or Gothic. We offer styles such as a straight top, concave with or without tops or convex with or without tops. We offer picket fences in pressure treated wood or Western red Cedar.

For a full line of our wood products, please click on our Products page of our website and then the wood fencing link.  You will then be able to scroll down and open our wood brochure for all our wood fencing options.  It includes all types of wood fencing including our picket styles, the picket tops and post options.