Wood Fencing

Western Red Cedar Fencing

Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice of wood when selecting a wood for your wood fencing project. Western Red Cedar grows in the western coastal forests of Oregon, Washington and Canada. Because it come from the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, it does exceptionally well with cold and wet climates and has excellent resistance to the effect of weathering, unlike other woods. Western Red Cedar is a beautiful high quality wood that is recognizable for its reddish-brown color and aromatic woodsy smell. Cedar is virtually maintenance free and will weather to classic sliver gray or can be stained clear to keep the beauty of its natural color. Cedar contains natural oils which act as a deterrent against rotting and insect infestation. Cedar does not do well in the ground in most areas so at Snyder’s Custom Fencing we build our Cedar fences on Pressure Treated posts. Cedar is a hardy tree species that has natural re-growth making it self-sustaining. This will ensure we have enough beautiful trees for tomorrow.

Pressure Treated Fencing

One of the biggest advantages to Pressure Treated fencing is that it is affordable.  Pressure Treated wood is a strong wood that will be a lot more difficult to dent or scratch.  It will hold up to more wear and tear than other woods.  Due to the wood being treated, insects are not attracted to this wood.  Pressure Treated fences should be sealed after installation to protect it from weathering.  This will need to be done every few years and will greatly prolong the life of your fence and keep it looking fresh.  Pressure Treated wood is susceptible to warping, cracking and splitting if it is not sealed.  Pressure treated wood contracts and expands as it absorbs and released moisture daily.  Sealing the wood greatly stops or slows this process to keep your fencing looking great for years to come.

Economy Spruce Prefabricated Privacy Panel

Spruce fencing is the most economical wood fencing.  If you are on a strict budget and still want wood privacy fencing, Spruce is the way to go.  Spruce has a whitish-gray color and if not treated will turn to a dark gray color.  If you seal this fence it will be an easier chore due to the light color of the wood.  We at Snyder’s Custom Fencing suggest that you do treat the wood with a sealant after it is installed and again every few years to prolong the life of the fence and protect against warping and insects.

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