PVC Options

PVC Options

Below are a few PVC Options to make your fencing unique and stand out from the rest.
These options are available on selected products.  If you are interested in any of these, let Snyder’s Custom Fencing know and we would be happy to discuss the styles in which these can be added.  These are options and not standard so they must be specified when ordering.


PVC Options EmbossedCombine the beauty and texture of natural wood with the durability of your favorite vinyl products by adding our embossed profile.  Available on white, almond, adobe and gray vinyl products, our embossed profile not only adds a wood-like appearance, but provides a less glossy finish than our standard vinyl profiles.  For an even more natural look, the embossed profile can be combined with our streaked profile for a variegated wood-grained appearance.

Maxwell Rail

Enhance the look of our most popular privacy fence styles with the Maxwell rail.  Available in white, almond, adobe and gray in standard lengths of 95 inches and 10 feet, it adds a touch of elegance when used in conjunction with your favorite fence style.


Add the variegated look of nature wood to our most popular privacy fencing with our streaked profile.  Our streaking process allows a darker-colored pigment to be “streaked” through our almond, adobe or gray material to provide a wood-grained appearance.  However, for an even more realistic look, our streaked profile can be combined with our embossing process for a wood-texture surface.

Spider Board

Change the look of any Lakeland, Hollingsworth or Eagle fencing choice with our Spider Board option.  Designed to replace the standard 7/8 x 7-inch verticals, the spider board features identical dimensions, but provides the appearance of two 3 1/2-inch verticals.  Consequently, all post spacing, rail lengths and slot cuts remain the same.