PVC Fencing

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At Snyder’s Custom Fencing we offer Country Estate PVC products.  PVC fencing, also known as vinyl, was originated by the manufacturers of Country Estate Fence, and like a true champion, Country Estate Fence continues to outperform traditional fencing products and PVC imitators.  Country Estate Fence is a deterrent to deterioration from moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and time itself.  Plus, maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum.  Country Estate Fence features PVC construction entirely with 100% virgin compounds, impervious to moisture and freezing temperature, and it won’t peel, blister or rot.  PVC fencing is an easy care alternative to wood fencing.  PVC won’t rot, decay, warp, split or splinter like wood, and it never needs painting, sealing or staining giving your more time to do the things you enjoy. Snyder’s Custom Fencing is proud to be the exclusive authorized dealer of Country Estate Fence in the area.



In countries outside of the United States, it is not uncommon for lead to be used as a stabilizer in PVC compounds because it is cheaper and easier to process than the high-quality, safe alternatives.  There is currently no federal law in the United States that prohibits producing or selling vinyl products, which contain lead.  It is up to the manufacturer of vinyl products to police themselves and follow ethical business practices to keep lead out of their products.  Snyder’s Custom Fencing feels that consumers should not have to worry about harmful lead hidden in PVC products and is proud to be able to state that Nebraska Plastics, the manufacturer of Country Estate Fence confirms that they never have and never will use lead as a stabilize in their vinyl products.